Customer Reviews - Shiloh

  • "Shiloh was so beautiful, I took her out for dinner and she had impeccable taste for drinks and nibbles. We had such a good time together and really had a good conversation before she suggested we go back to my hotel. I was really happy with who the receptionists recommended to me, and Ill be calling up again soon."
    Zane, Jan 2012
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  • "Just saw Shiloh unbelievable, she is so beautiful with long dark hair and big big eyes she gave me the best time, with lots of kissing and good times. This is one lovely lady. Thanks Paramour, your receptionists always get it right and Ive had some great girls from you, today was exceptional, Shiloh is a great girl."
    Mitch, Mar 2012
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  • "Shiloh wasn't just great in bed but she was also very considerate with everything else that I wanted to talk to her about; perfectly intimate."
    Robin, July 2012
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