Stripper Services

We provide a large variety of stripping services for every occasion, whether it be private sessions, bucks nights or anything in between! We have a range of gorgeous strippers to cater for everyone. Please note that individual strippers' prices and services may vary. Click 'here' to view our sexy strippers' profiles.

This is a 12min strip, down to the G-string. Beautiful girl erotically stripping to the music just for you (suitable for all ages, erotic yet mild)

This is a 15min strip all the way to nude - erotic, sexy girl stripping to the music and lavishing all her attention to the man of the night (suitable for all ages)

This is a 15min strip, beautiful sexy girl, fully nude using whipped cream and oil on herself and you or your friends if you choose. Very sexy erotic and raunchy show.

This is a 20min strip, erotic sexy stripper, fully nude dancing to erotic music and using a vibrator on herself. This is a memorable show.

Hot Vibe
This is a 20min strip, fully erotic stripper, fully nude entertaining you to the fullest. This is a show to remember - she uses a vibrator on herself and allows the man of the moment to participate with her. Erotic, ranchy and sizzling HOT HOT strip.

This is a 30min show, experience every man’s fantasy, two hot strippers entertaining you for the full 30mins with full on lesbian show. Don’t dream about it, book it now, hot steamy, sexy lesbians.

Sex Show
This is a full hour show, with audience participation, an experience of a lifetime. Ex porn star - blue eyed, blonde slim and very busty, erotic and sexy lady performing on stage, no holds barred. Use your imagination erotica plus - sex on stage. This is a show to remember, the finale of all strips, sex, sex and more sex.

XXX Fruit And Vegie Show
This is a 30min show, Hot Raunchy mind blowing XXX show - Show to remember for the rest of your life. Fruit and Vegies going places that every man would love to be. *** Audience Participation ***

Bubble Bath Show
This is a unique 25 minute show, soap and sponges, very raunchy and pleasant erotic surprise for the man of the moment, participation involved!

Strawberries and Cream
To be licked off bare chests and naked bodies by the man of the moment. Delicious!

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