Safe Sex with Escorts

Our ladies are always going for regular check ups! They pride themselves on being clean, and up to standard before they are sent to a booking! Our ladies are equipped with knowledge on practicing safe sex, and know how to make sure you are both doing everything properly and safely!

melbourne escorts condoms

We practice safe sex at Paramour, and want to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to be safe as well!

At Paramour, we want to ensure the safety of both our ladies and our lovely clients, we always make sure our ladies go to every job with protection that is within the use by date. It is important to us that we keep our ladies healthy so that your experience with us has left a good lifelong memory!

melbourne escorts condoms

Safe sex is just as fun, and feels just as good! Here are some ways to practice safe sex:
1. Use condoms (male or female)
2. Use a dental dam if you are planning on giving our ladies oral

t may be an unknown fact, but you can give and receive STDs from oral contact. To reduce the risk, we recommend condoms for males and dental dams for females.

Knowing how to spot a sexually transmitted disease can help prevent the spread of it. Some may not be detectable at all, so if you are frequently sexually active, getting regular STD checks is a good way to ensure you’re always clean before your next sexual encounter.

The lovely ladies of Paramour want to enjoy the service just as much as you do, and if we all do our part to ensure our own sexual health is in check, the experience you have with our ladies will definitely be an amazing one!

Kylie, 19, loves to practice safe sex, and thinks using protection is just as good a sensation! She has some amazing moves, and can offer a GFE that will blow you away! See her profile for some hot pics.

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