Under Victorian State Law in Australia, we are prohibited from advertising for staff. We rely on our reputation as the best escort agency in Australia - as well as word of mouth. Fortunately, ladies want the prestige of being associated with Paramour. We receive dozens of applications every week! Our customers have even directed ladies from interstate to contact us which is extremely gratifying. We do not offer brothel jobs in Melbourne as offer independent escorts in Victoria only.

NEW LADIES WANTED - Paramour Ladies are in high demand!

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Come see us and find out how you can pay off your house or school fees safely and in a respectful way - with Melbournes longest established LEGAL escort Agency. There is a reason Paramour is Melbournes' longest and FIRST escort service and we have great long established good regular clients.

Whatever you are saving for , come and meet us and see if this is exceptionally high paying offer and lucrative Profession is right for you - our girls literally make thousands - We are located in the Heart Of The CBD and all enquiries are treated with the utmost respect and discretion.

There is a reason we are all so proud Of Paramour Of Collins St and we have clients exceeding twenty eight years - Our Name Is Our Reputation.

Contact us at or please telephone our offices on (03) 9654 6011 and we will attend to your queries.

melbourne escorts jobs
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