Customer Reviews - Shelby

  • "My partner and myself decided to treat ourselves for our anniversary which we spent in Melbourne last week...we asked for a girl who was experienced with couples but still youthful and energetic, they sent us shelby and we were definitely not disappointed!! Would definitely recommend to other Melbourne and travelling couples who want to try this...unforgettable experience"
    Michael, Jan 2012
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  • "Just saw Annette... All I can say is AMAZING! What a lovely woman and such a sense of humor. Can't wait to book her again".
    Ricky, Feb 2012
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  • "Superb service, bloody hot girls. Thank you Shelby for giving me a great time!!!."
    Ethan, Mar 2012
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  • "Wow, I've been dreaming of my night with Shelby for days now. I can't get her amazing body out of my mind. She gave me the most incredible massage as well. I'm going to have to call again when I get paid that's for sure."
    Gilbert, Jan 2012
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