Why Escorts Love Working at Paramour

melbourne escort Gigi
    Why Gigi loves Working at Paramour
  • "Working at Paramour of Collins St escort agency is the best part of my week! Of course the sex with men that make me feel sexy and confident is fabulous but also having intimate moments of care and making charming men laugh and feel cared about is just as fabulous. Paramour are so understanding and I really feel valued."
  • Gigi
melbourne escort Ellie
    Why Ellie loves Working at Paramour
  • "Being fresh and new to the industry at 18 years old Paramour of Collins street have done nothing but been a dream introduction where I have felt and sexy in a supportive environment where I have felt beautiful and been in the company of fabulous men that have definitely made me feel beautiful".
  • Ellie
melbourne escort Emma
    Why Emma loves Working at Paramour
  • "Working At Paramour escort agency is the best way to have discreet fun and enjoy the company, knowledge and good looks of all the Melbourne men and dashing international and interstate travelling gentleman at any time that is convenient to me. It has given flexibility both within the workplace and in the bedroom to discover a whole new world that I thoroughly enjoy - and I cant wait to discover it with you xx Emma."
  • Emma
melbourne escort Gracie
    International Women's Day Testimonial
  • "I meant to send you this earlier than today. Happy International Women's Day. I'm so proud to have a boss and person who fights for women the way you do and it doesn't go unnoticed. I see you give women (who otherwise wouldn't be given a second glance elsewhere) an opportunity to be independent and a means to be self sufficient, whether they are receptionist or escorts; regardless of age, size, colour, history. You give women a chance that in itself means so much to those who appreciate it. So many girls have gone on to become pilots, doctors, teachers because you gave them an opportunity to support themselves when they needed it most."
  • “Response from Paramour Boss Lady......Thank you Louisa, we will NEVER change ! That means a lot to me especially because all our girls through the years cannot tell anyone how they got a leg up or equal opportunity."
  • Gracie
melbourne escort Sarchia
    Why Sarchia loves Working at Paramour
  • "Hi Sarchia, We will make a space for you to work here and we thank you for the very nice email and apology that you have sent to us. However, when you resume shifts with us please have no complaints and be nice to all of our phone staff. Can we please have your roster for this week! See you soon. Paramour xx"
  • “Hi Ladies, I hope all is well. Firstly I would like to sincerely apologise for my behaviour, it was unacceptable you all have done nothing but look out for me for the past 2 years and gave me the greatest of opportunities. It is for this reason I would like to ask for my job back, I really miss you all and paramour has been a home to me. Please can you give this some consideration as I am sincerely sorry, you have my word this issue will never happen again. Love, Sarchia"
  • Sarchia
melbourne escort Rylee
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I love meeting new people and having interesting conversations with clients"
  • “- Being able to explore my feminine side, and the sexy lingerie!"
  • “- Not having to worry about bills and always having extra money for myself to spend and save!”
  • The girls I work with make it extra enjoyable, we're always having a laugh!”
melbourne escort Erin
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "We hear so many amazing life stories that have taught me so much!"
  • “I love the other girls I get to work with!”
  • “I love party bookings, so fun!”
  • “Of course, the money is great!”
  • Erin
melbourne escort Belle
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I love the thrill of meeting new people!"
  • “ It doesn't feel like I'm working, I'm getting rewarded for doing something I love: SEX!”
  • “I'm always having fun, I love to please!”
  • “The super cute outfits I get to wear and show myself off in!”
  • “I get to experiment and try new and exciting things, I'm very sexually open!”
  • Belle
melbourne escort Delilah
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • I can't thank Paramour enough for what they have done for me over the last 2 years! Wish you all the best!
  • Delilah
melbourne escort Megan
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I just want to say thanks for having me work there when I did. I am grateful for the shifts I was able to get! It was exactly what I needed to be doing at the time, so thank you!"
  • “I've learned that hard work does not come at the expense of a great fun time.”
  • “I get to enjoy my days to work out at the gym.”
  • Megan
melbourne escort Kourtney
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • " I love sex!"
  • “Meeting new people and having fun!”
  • “Wearing sexy lingerie ;)”
  • “Living a lavish lifestyle $$$”
  • “ Pleasing and satisfying clients!”
  • Kourtney
melbourne escort Arianna
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Being given the opportunity to learn and explore my own sexual desires and the desires of men of many ages!"
  • “Eye opener to the underworld, and to appreciate the jobs that are given”
  • “Flexibility of work hours to balance with everyday life”
  • “Meeting a wide range of men, learning from them and being able to demonstrate to them my own life, thanks to Paramour”
  • “Don't have to stress about paying rent!”
  • Arianna
melbourne escort Roses
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I love that I have the ability to have a flexible work/life balance and knowing that the opportunity to work with Paramour is a blessing in disguise! "
  • “The ability to meet lovely gentlemen of all ages where I'm showered with love and attention.”
  • “Paramour has done wonders for my confidence in and out of the bedroom! Their advice and guidance has made me who I am today!”
  • “So thankful to Paramour because you all do your jobs amazingly and have matched me with some awesome clients!”
  • “I no longer have to stress about bills and can have an awesome lifestyle!”
  • Rose
melbourne escort Sophia
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Sexually liberated, opened minded to sexual adventures."
  • “Love spending time with men that make me feel sensual.”
  • “Being spoilt and pleasured”
  • “Fulfilling all your sexual desires”
  • “I love dressing up in sexy lingerie”
  • Sophia
melbourne escort Kaylani
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • “I get to live all my kinky fantasies”
  • "It gives me sexual freedom"
  • “I get to connect on a sexual level with lots of new and different individuals”
  • “Allows me to fulfill all my sexual needs”
  • “Lets me be as wild or as kinky as I want on the job”
  • Kaylani
melbourne escort Tahlia
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • “I love working here, because of the hot clients!”
  • “Working with all the sexy, empowered, amazing women!!”
  • “Sex on tap 24/7!”
  • “Makes you feel attractive as hell”
  • Tahlia
melbourne escort Rose
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • “The ability to dress up in sexy lingerie and feel beautiful every time I come to work”
  • “Being sent out on jobs where it’s a perfect fit/match with the client and getting my sexual fantasies fulfilled”
  • “Getting to tick off my x-rated bucket list”
  • “Because of Paramour I get to kiss/cuddle and submit to lovely clients whenever I’m feeling lonely/horny”
  • “Because of Paramour, I get undressed and seduced by awesome generous men who make me feel so sexy. I just love working here!”
  • Rose
melbourne escort Cassidy
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • “I love working as I love to wear sophisticated sexy clothes, embracing everything feminine”
  • "Being able to set my own work hours gives me more freedom than I've had before."
  • “I’m loving experimenting with my wild side”
  • “I didn’t known I could squirt until I started at Paramour. Now I can’t stop squirting!!”
  • “I love showering my clients with affection, passionate kissing is one of my favourites”
  • “I enjoy couple bookings. I find it extremely sexy to have another female involved in the experience"
  • Cassidy
melbourne escort Fiona
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • “I love playing with toys”
  • “I love wearing sexy clothes at dinner”
  • “I love experiencing passionate dates with interesting men”
  • “I love taking adventures in lots of interesting places”
  • “I love being naughty in the bedroom”
  • Fiona
melbourne escort Arianna
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • “I love wearing lingerie - wearing red suspenders especially”
  • “I love acting in fantasies that you couldn’t outside, including dressing up in various costumes”
  • “I love dressing to impress in pretty and classy outfits. I love looking so hot that when I walk into hotels men break their necks looking at me”
  • “I love being the dominant person as seducing my client turns me on. I also love being able to change to submissive”
  • “I love learning from mature and experienced men”
  • Arianna
melbourne escort Lily
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • “I love playing out fantasies, particularly in my girlfriend experience specialty”
  • “I love the thrill of a secret life”
  • “I love wearing heels and sexy stockings”
  • “I love fun play and sex games”
  • “I love being able to dominate at times and love to teach my client how to please and experience new sexy fun”
  • Lily
melbourne escort Marilyn
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • “I love to make my clients happy and satisfied”
  • “Sexy lingerie is my passion. I love to show it off on my gorgeous body to tempt and tease you”
  • “I love men who shower me with affection”
  • “I like to make everyone’s wildest and naughtiest fantasies come true as I am naughty”
  • “I am an animal in the bedroom, and I love please”
  • Marilyn
melbourne escort Jade
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Working with all ladies makes for a more comfortable and supportive experience."
  • “I love the many and varied experiences you can explore with someone sexually. Dominant, submissive, seductress in role play, masculine, feminine, the juxtaposition of power within them”
  • “I’m continually excited, intrigued and inspired by erotic fantasies. They lie in the darkest crevices of our mind, beyond what we think is “normal.” But when we push the boundaries, even just a little outside of our comfort zone, the pleasure and the reward can be mind blowing”
  • “I love exploring sex with men, with women and with both men and women. Sex with a man is awesome and sex with a woman is awesome so it only speaks to reason that a good threesome can be fun, sensual, sexy, lusty, adventurous, exciting and stimulating”
  • “Paramour is a petri dish of sexual desires and erotic fetishes, wild fantasies, and beautiful babes. Who wouldn’t want to work here?”
  • “I love my job and my co-workers, we trust, respect and admire each other”
  • “I love exploring my masculine and feminine sides, my dominant and submissive, my seductress and my narcissist”
  • “I love exploring the breadth and depths of sexual experience and pleasure, and the point at which two individuals can become synonymous”
  • Jade
melbourne escort Willow
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Working with all ladies makes for a more comfortable and supportive experience."
  • "Being able to set my own work hours gives me more freedom than I've had before."
  • "I meet so many interesting people."
  • "Buying sexy lingerie and make up has become a professional requirement - love!"
  • "There is always someone available to take my call with questions or concerns."
  • Willow
melbourne escort Marilyn
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I love meeting sexy confident men"
  • "I enjoy laughing and making others laugh with my cheeky smile"
  • "Paramour gives me the ability to act on all my fantasies"
  • Marilyn
melbourne escort Vanessa
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Awesome clients!"
  • "I love how much fun I have with my clients and the great parties."
  • "Wonderful dates with absolutely amazing men who always love my strip teases."
  • "I love the adventure of meeting awesome, interesting men and having a wonderful time together."
  • "I am a very sensual person and love having the change to share that with men."
  • Vanessa
melbourne escort Megan
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I'm a cross between Adriana Lima and Megan Fox and I'm always up for a great time!"
  • " I love the glamorous nights spent with exciting men!"
  • "I love fulfilling your every fantasy and desire!"
  • " I love having an intellectual conversation before having fun between the sheets! "
  • Megan
melbourne escort Olivia
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • " I love being able to show off my stripping skills."
  • "Love to give and receive sensual massages with the men I meet."
  • "I get super excited when I know I am getting all dressed up for new men."
  • "I'm always told how great of a listener I am."
  • "Always keen to put on a show and live out your bisexual fantasies."
  • Olivia
melbourne escort Emily
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "My beautiful body is not left unappreciated."
  • "Exercising my vocal cords properly."
  • "Fulfilling others deepest desires."
  • "Learning what makes others tick."
  • "Meeting new people."
  • Emily
melbourne escort Kylie
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Staff are lovely. Always happy to help."
  • "Other working girls are easy to get along with. Double bookings are heaps of fun."
  • "I Choose my own roster and can work when I want."
  • "I love going to nice hotels and meeting new people."
  • "Always enjoy coming into work and feel safe at work."
  • Kylie
melbourne escort Grace
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I love showing of my sexy lingerie."
  • "The office girls are fantastic and extremely sweet."
  • "I enjoy meeting guys and showing them my talents."
  • "The other girls are incredibly nice and beautiful."
  • "I love to punish naughty boys."
  • Grace
melbourne escort Shaylah
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "You have great staff who are always welcoming, friendly and very understanding to what us ladies go through working in this profession"
  • "I never feel judged which is great! You guys do an awesome job. I'm never embarrassed to talk"
  • "Trust me the pleasures all mine and I assure you I cannot wait to meet you to see how far you can really go or if you prefer we can play games. I am busty, bright eyed, raunchy hot and I cater to all needs.
  • "I love meeting new gentlemen who are honest, genuine and up to visit new places, who I can take to greater heights beyond your wildest dreamy delights"
  • "I'm awaiting your call, Honey."
  • Shaylah
melbourne escort Lauren
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I love discovering someone's body"
  • "The men are gentle and love to admire beautiful women"
  • "I love being spoilt and being made to feel like a queen"
  • "The excitement of being able to see my favourite clients"
  • "A man who makes eye contact when i come."
  • Lauren
melbourne escort Crystal
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "It's great to see how well you look after us and ensure our safety and security"
  • "Fun to work for"
  • "Great team and all the girls are lovely"
  • "Well organised"
  • Crystal
melbourne escort Vanessa
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I love sucking c**k."
  • "Experiences"
  • "It pays well"
  • "I get to meet different people"
  • "How interesting the men are."
  • Vanessa
melbourne escort Andrea
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "The girls are lovely and welcoming."
  • "Everyone is really supportive and always willing to listen."
  • " The girls give great advice."
  • "It is amazing how the girls are able to share their experiences with others."
  • "Everyone is always happy and bubbly."
  • Andrea
melbourne escort Rebecca
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I like bringing pleasure to clients in an intimate manor."
  • "I enjoy relating to to clients on an intellectual level, discussing similar interests."
  • "I love slowly drawing on clients and teasing them."
  • "Cuddling up with clients with a glass of champagne while relaxing is very sexy."
  • "When I get to strip and expose myself in my skimpy wear, I love watching their reactions."
  • Rebecca
melbourne escort Jasmine
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I love meeting new people with a similar sensual mindset."
  • "One of my favourite things to do in a booking is sip champagne."
  • "I also love having a chat and connecting with my clients on intellectual level."
  • "Getting dressed up in sexy lingerie, adding the element of surprise."
  • "Pleasing is part of my nature."
  • Jasmine
melbourne escort Leila
  • "Paramour remains very professional and fair. Meeting new people and sharing meaningful experiences has been a great journey. They know who to recommend for each client, so the experience will be enjoyable for the client and the girl. Work is always fun. Great attitude from the admin team and the girls!"
  • Leila
melbourne escort Lulu
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I appreciate the support I receive from girls and receptionist."
  • "Having the knowledge that the receptionist always know where I am and where I need to go."
  • "I enjoy the friendship of girls around me."
  • "I just love standing over a gorgeous man and sliding myself all over him."
  • "Blend me over and let me watch you in the mirror, nothing tunes me on more."
  • Lulu
melbourne escort Quinn
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Meeting new people, going to nice places."
  • "The money paid is really good."
  • "Enjoying sexy time with new men."
  • "Having conversations and spending time with interesting men."
  • " The office girls are very efficient and feel safe working here."
  • Quinn
melbourne escort Hannah
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "What I love about my job is I love sex, I love men, I love toys and I Love it all."
  • "Nothing better than pampering my client’s, running them in bubble bath and oil massage."
  • "Hot sex, pushing boundary with complete stronger."
  • "Wearing sexy lingerie’s for my client’s that turn them on."
  • Hannah
melbourne escort Cassie
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I love cock."
  • "The receptionist are amazing and work hard to make me the most cash."
  • "I get to hang out with the hottest chicks in Melbourne."
  • "Always a new experience with respectful clients."
  • "Always stay in shape, lots of cardio."
  • Cassie
melbourne escort Kitara
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "The pay is good."
  • "The office puts in great effort to get you the best bookings at all times."
  • " I feel safe as the office always ensures they get as much information about the client before sending us to a booking."
  • "I appreciate working with paramour as it embraces people from all ethnic background this gives me a sense of belonging."
  • "The office is kind, warm and welcoming and has our best interests."
  • Kitara
melbourne escort Marsha
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Trying new things, having fun and getting paid to have fun."
  • "Friendly and helpful ladies and staff, clean friendly environment."
  • "Friendly drivers, chauffeured around Melbourne."
  • "Being able to drink while working."
  • "Working as an escort, legally in a safe environment doing stuff I like."
  • Marsha
melbourne escort Solenn
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Our well being comes first; they always make sure that were comfortable."
  • "Guaranteed jobs every shift."
  • "Guidance and tips when I was starting out."
  • "I met really nice girls and also good advice from them."
  • "My work hours are very flexible."
  • Solenn
melbourne escort Liarna
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Trying new things, having fun and getting paid to have fun."
  • "Friendly and helpful ladies and staff, clean friendly environment."
  • "Friendly drivers, chauffeured around Melbourne."
  • "Being able to drink while working."
  • "Working as an escort, legally in a safe environment doing stuff I like."
  • Liarna
melbourne escort Deborah
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "All you guys are amazing. Very understanding."
  • "I can come and talk to you guys about anything; and you all care!"
  • "I appreciate the way you girls understand when I need to change my working times."
  • "Very good at calls and you guys try your best to get jobs."
  • "All receptionists are good!"
  • Deborah
melbourne escort Nina
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I feel safe going out to clients."
  • "Being able to choose my hours and how many jobs I do is liberating."
  • "The level of professionalism of the company yet still able to make it a fun environment."
  • "The variety of other working girls makes the job easier, especially with peer support."
  • "The massive clientele is thrilling and adventurous at times."
  • Nina
melbourne escort Brooke
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "A nice wine, leading to be slowly bent over as a gentle man slides in behind."
  • "Gentle is fine, but some spanking and hair pulling can also take place."
  • "If you are rough player, we can get very rough, throw me around."
  • Brook
melbourne escort Isabel
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "The men are always sexy and warmed up by our lovely office girls."
  • "So when we walk in the door we can get down to “business”.
  • "We all love coming into work to meet all of the delicious men out there."
  • "The variety of other working girls makes the job easier, especially with peer support."
  • "Thank Goodness we are so busy otherwise we would have nowhere to rent all of our sexual tensions."
  • Isabel
melbourne escort Ginger
  • "I love you guys. Without this agency i wouldn't have money! I'd also have a lot less fun."
  • Ginger
melbourne escort Rachel
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "What i love most is that every shift I get to meet some of the most interesting men in Melbourne.\"
  • "Paramour allows me to explore my sexuality and satisfy my sexual curiosity safely."
  • "I'm surrounded by some of the most gorgeous ladies who make the job super fun!"
  • "The receptionists and drivers make me feel so comfortable and safe at all times."
  • "I always leave work feeling satisfied and empowered... What more could you want!?"
  • "Some of the things I love most about being an escort at Paramour is the men I get the pleasure of meeting. Working as an escort has always been an ultimate sexual fantasy of mine and Paramour gives me the opportunity to satisfy my sexual curiosity safely and with some of the most charming men in Melbourne."
  • Rachel xoxo
melbourne escort Martina
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I am proud to be here. It is the best Escort agency in Melbourne."
  • "It's very rewarding when a client tells you, you are a woman of high category."
  • "I feel supported and very safe when I visit a client"
  • "I can manage my schedule, which is very convenient."
  • "I always feel sexy when wearing my fine lingerie and high heels."
  • Martina
melbourne escort Jessica
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Supportive environment with the managers, receptionists and girls."
  • "The clients are always respectful."
  • "Having a laugh with the drivers going to and from a job."
  • "I love having the opportunity to dress up in lingerie and heels."
  • "The best thing is being able to have sex whenever I want! "
  • Jessica
melbourne escort Indiana
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "The ladies put up with my extreme tardiness. Very much appreciated!"
  • "Great location for the office. Very central, easy to get to."
  • "Always guaranteed to get a job or two."
  • "Takes away the hard work of selling myself to clients, as im not a hustler/ don't have the gift of the gab!"
  • "Always a friendly smile in the office :)"
  • Indiana
melbourne escort Whitney
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "The ease of knowing that I am truly looked after and safe."
  • "I don't have to talk to any clients via phone or make my own bookings."
  • "All i have to do is show up and look pretty."
  • "The flexible working hours and 100% of the time guaranteed jobs!"
  • "The love i receive from the reception ladies!"
  • Whitney
melbourne escort Bonnie
  • "He opened the door and when our eyes met i knew there was an instant connection. We chatted for a while and he gazed into my eyes as i took his hand. He stimulated my mind and I was ready to rock his world! We went into his amazing bedroom with wall to wall glass looking out at the city lights with the drapes wide open - but we didn't care who could see us. I undressed into my sexy lingerie and smiled as I watched his eyes light up in anticipation of our first kiss. I then pushed him softly against the glass wall and took control of him, raising his arms above his head and softly kissing and licking his muscular body. I kissed his sweet lips and I could feel the passion and desire he had for me. I stood back and had him watch me undress completely and watch as I lay on the bed and softly began to touch myself. He joined me on the bed and he kissed me, as wet as i've ever been I begged him to taste it. He made me so aroused that I wanted to give him the best bj of his life! His moaning turned me on as he whispered my name. I rode him and asked him to take me from behind as we both climaxed together. I left with a smile on my face and with him wanting more."
  • Bonnie
melbourne escort Stephania
  • "It was a cold winters night and I had just rolled up to a gorgeous house in Brunswick. The woman greeted me with a warm smile but timid at the same time. She confessed that she wanted to treat her husband to a threesome but had never been with a women before. I was welcomed into their lovely home and I met her husband who was so looking forward to our experience. We all shared a drink and eyed each other top to bottom. Heading to the bedroom, the lights were dimmed and the husband left me alone with his wife. I tasted her lips and she shivered and trembled with anticipation as my lips met hers. We kissed passionately and slowly undressed each other. For her first experience with a woman she was very eager to taste me. I was achingly moist and desperate to taste her too. I kissed her ample breasts and slowly licked every part of her delicious body. She was so delicious and wet with excitement that I devoured every last drop. I loved watching her vibrate with pleasure. I suddenly took my eyes off her. He was incredibly stimulated and he still had beads of water dripping from his behind. Before too long, the two of them were enjoying each other, making love like it was just the two of them in the world."
  • Stephania
melbourne escort Tracey
    5 Sex Tips Essential in Bookings
  • "Don't give too much - when you first see the client tease them! Keep them wanting more (that's how you get extensions)."
  • "Doggy style is the best position for ladies! It will give you wonders! Try it!"
  • "Learn different positions! That will also get you more extensions."
  • "Do exercises to keep it tight! It's more enjoyable for clients."
  • "Play hard to get! You always want what you can't have."
  • Tracey
melbourne escort Nicole
    Why I love working at Paramour
  • "Because I love to get intimate with a man and just make out wildly!"
  • "I love being touched all over."
  • "I love dressing up and looking pretty for a man."
  • "Love making the man feel loved and cared for."
  • "Making a business man feel happy and relaxed after a long day at work! "
  • Nicole
melbourne escort Sasha
    Why I love working at Paramour
  • "The safety and security"
  • "The money is so good!"
  • "You get to choose the days you want to work!"
  • "The girls are all so friendly!"
  • "The drivers are very reliable!"
  • Sasha
melbourne escort Keisha
    Why I love working at Paramour
  • "I love pleasing men."
  • "I love to empower men."
  • "Dominant women are beautiful."
  • "I love experimenting and trying new things with threesomes and couples."
  • "I love meeting all the lovely gentlemen."
  • Keisha
melbourne escort Gabriella
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "This agency is very professional."
  • "Great team."
  • "Reception really sets the mood for our encounters before they happen."
  • "Great money."
  • "I like the friendly environment."
  • Gabriella
melbourne escort Raine
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I like the bonding with fellow escorts."
  • "I love the effort the receptionists go to, to get us great bookings."
  • "I love the cock. I love the cash."
  • "I like the roster flexibility!"
  • "I love buying all the shoes."
  • Raine
melbourne escort Skyler
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Office staff are nice to us."
  • "Great office facilities."
  • "Safety!"
  • "The working girls are so wonderful and unique."
  • "Schedule flexibility."
  • Skyler
melbourne escort Kelly
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Social and friendly environment."
  • "Caring receptionists."
  • "An excuse to wear sexy outfits and lingerie."
  • "Helping people fufil their fantasies."
  • "Improoved body image due to client complements."
  • Much love and stuff,xox Kelly
melbourne escort Celeste
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "To the best team in the whole entire world! Thankyou for looking out for me, for welcoming me into the field, for your understanding and patience, for having my back when things get hairy, for making my credit card transactions find their way into my bank account, for making me look sexy on our website, for giving me nice clients, for shrugging off the two meltdowns i had in the early AM!"
  • "Best wishes to you and yours, cause you know what a lovely, smiling, supportive, warm and beautiful bunch of lasses you are!"
  • Much love and stuff,xox Celeste
melbourne escort Nadine
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "For their professionalism."
  • "For looking after me for more than 1 year now, it’s been amazing."
  • "Paramour is the best!."
  • "Lovely people to work with."
  • "Feels like a family."
  • Nadine
melbourne escort Evie
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "The reception staff really look after us girls."
  • "The drivers are efficient and nice."
  • "The company always make sure we get work."
  • "All the girls are treated equally and fairly."
  • "All the clients have been really nice."
  • Evie
melbourne escort Akyra
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Being close to all the girls in the office."
  • "Feeling safe and being taken care of."
  • "Everyday is different!"
  • "Dressing up and having fun!"
  • "Joking around with the girls and being apart of a family."
  • "Meeting loads of great men!"
  • Akyra
melbourne escort Bonnie
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I love meeting new and interesting people."
  • "The staff and employees are all very friendly and supportive."
  • "I enjoy what I do, therefor the clients are enjoying my services."
  • "I like how I can work the hours I choose."
  • "Good work and great money."
  • Bonnie
melbourne escort Jazz
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I love irresistible white men – my absolute weakness!"
  • "I get to meet very interesting people everyday."
  • "I get to satisfy my sexual curiosity, and experience all the fine men Melbourne has to offer!"
  • "I LOVE MY BOSS ;)"
  • "I LOVE C**K <3!!!"
  • Xxx Jazz
melbourne escort Mia
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "Flexible working hours – Paramour is open 24 hours, 7 days a week."
  • "Get to experience all sorts of sexual experiences (PSE, GFE, anal, dress-ups, fantasy etc)."
  • "100% pleasure at affordable rates!"
  • "Great team, and friends here J."
  • "Meeting awesome, hot guys from all over Melbourne."
  • Xo Mia
melbourne escort Miley
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "I love exploring my sexuality, and expanding my sexual horizons!"
  • "Sex work is fun and empowering. Men love the way I look J."
  • "I get to meet wonderful people from all over the world!"
  • "I have so many dirty, naughty stories for my own wank bank!"
  • "Get to test out all my new kinky toys <3!!!"
  • Xoxoxo Miley
melbourne escort Tara
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "It's safe, fun, and kinky!"
  • "Paramour really looks after its girls – we're ready to give you pleasure..."
  • "Love getting dressed up in sexy lingerie."
  • "Steady work, and flexible hours – Paramour is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and is Melbourne's number 1 legal escort agency."
  • "Great colleagues and friends J."
  • Xo Tara
melbourne escort Piper
    Why I love Working at Paramour
  • "All the girls here are gorgeous, sexy, and ready for sex!"
  • "So much fun, and kinky adventure every day J."
  • "Makes me feel so sexy… I love the variety."
  • "Fabulous, delicious, handsome clients!!!"
  • "Celebrating my sexuality and getting my kink on!"
  • Xxx Piper
melbourne escort Harley
    5 Reasons I LOVE Working At Paramour
  • "I love satisfying men (and women)!"
  • "I love wearing sexy lingerie everyday."
  • "Who doesn't love a good orgasm! I love to come all over men..."
  • "I love giving wet, sticky, hot oil massages (and receiving them too!)."
  • "I love being able to express myself sexually without shame."
  • Love & kisses, Harley
melbourne escort Alyssa
    5 Reasons I LOVE Working At Paramour
  • "Nothing makes me happier than making men happy!"
  • "I enjoy being dominated, and taken hard... ;P"
  • "I get totally spoiled with massages... especially inner thigh massages!"
  • "I love the feel of skin-to-skin contact... so very sensual."
  • "All my sexy loves make me feel sexy, and give me so much pleasure :D"
  • xxx Alyssa
melbourne escort Payton
    5 Reasons I LOVE Working At Paramour
  • "I love pleasing men."
  • "I love pleasure... who else gets to have massages/sex everyday?!"
  • "I love being sexy, and used as a sex toy."
  • "I love sharing champagne with gorgeous, powerful men."
  • "I have a naturally high sex drive, and I just love being able to express myself sexually!"
  • xoxo Payton
melbourne escort Bianca
    5 Reasons I LOVE Working At Paramour
  • "I LOVE sex, and love that I can combine my job and my hobby!"
  • "I always feel safe and comfortable with all my clients."
  • " I love the variety of men that I get to pleasure!"
  • "All the girls at the office are amazing, friendly, and supportive."
  • "It's just so fun to play with c**k all day, everyday!."
  • xoxox Bianca
melbourne escort Naomi
    5 Reasons I LOVE Working At Paramour
  • "I love men, c**k, and sex!"
  • "The girls at the office are super supportive."
  • "It's great to be paid doing what I love!"
  • "Sex work builds my confidence in the bedroom!"
  • "Because Paramour is the No.1 escort agency in Melbourne!!!"
  • Xxx Naomi
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