Customer Reviews - Katrina

  • "Katrina was amazing please inform every time she is working!
    Nathan, July 2019
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  • "I hope the ladies had good things to say, I felt I was nothing but a gentleman. They deserve to be treated as ladies and be taken on real dates. Too many men think of them as objects. I think they were both (Chrissy & Katrina) great young ladies. I did feel a real connection with Chrissy which enhanced the date. If I win lotto I’ll hire them both for a month ;) hell I’ll hire the entire staff. I had a great Melbourne experience. Thanks."
    Ken, May 2018
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  • Thanks for sending Katrina, she is the best. An exceptional girl to join me tonight."
    Zacary, May 2018
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  • "Hi, Katrina and I had a wonderful night full of laughs. Katrina is so easy to talk to; mind you it's hard to look her in the eye because of her beautiful DD boobs and great body! Can't wait to spend some more time with Katrina in the future. Thanks!"
    Julian, March 2018
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  • "Her body is amazing, tight booty, cute face, sense of humour and a great personality!"
    Ben, February 2018
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  • "I had a great time with Katrina last night. We had drinks and a chat and then we had lots of fun. You were right, her body sure is amazing; natural DD boobs, tight booty, cute face. And she has a great personality with a wonderful sense of humour! I'll be seeing Katrina again. Thanks so much!"
    Julian, February 2018
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