Customer Reviews - Bonnie

  • "Bonnie was exactly what I needed after a long hard day at work!"
    Jarrod, November 2016
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  • "Bonnie is the goddess that you have never even imagined existed. She will make your world empty after she leaves you having had the best sex of your life. She blows your mind and dick at the same time. She is the woman you always wanted but never deserved, so she is a blessing in disguise and make Bonnie make your dreams and sexual fantasies come true and make your life worth living. The final touch to this epic adventure is the awesome blowjob I got and she blew my mind and I can't get over that feeling of cumming that hard."
    Ryan, November 2016
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  • Bonnie came to me at 8pm.She was feeling very horny, had her coming again and again.
    Her nipples were like bullets, ready to load onto my gun. So i gently caressed them,was like a warming sun.
    She loves the way i'm sensual, makes me want her so much more. We laughed and quoted poetry, she really topped the score, said i'd be her private tutor.
    Mmm, that gets me to thinking...
    I wonder if that might suit her...
    Andrew M, August 2016
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  • Miss Dilemma,
    I met Bonnie, in a different way
    Became a real dilemma for me, couldn't really afford to pay

    The aura of her, fuels my desire
    And she makes me very hungry
    With all that sexy attire

    And her personality really appeals,
    You can see she's really genuine
    And she expresses how she feels

    -Shall remain nameless
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  • Your smooth, scented body,
    I caress with feather in hand
    French kiss we have,
    I need not demand.
    A blindfold embrace.
    To enhance body touch.
  • It has a great feel,
    We like so much.
    It's good to know she trusts me as well,
    we have a sexual connection,
    an attractive spell.
  • I think she's got a hold on me,
    like a bright moon shining,
    above an enchanted sea ....
    A.M, June 2016
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