Customer Reviews - Bianca

  • "I loved Bianca! Thought she was very well presented, fresh faced, sweet, great personality and company! Was very happy with booking and I would love to see her again."
    Tom, Nov 2015
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  • "I booked Bianca upon recommendation from the owner of Paramour. She was an absolute stunner, and looked very young, definitely 18 years old. I don't think I could have hoped for a better experience than I had with Bianca. I hope she feels the same!"
    John, Jan 2013
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  • "I wasn't sure what to think as they said she was a professional model, but after seeing Bianca I am positive. She's possibly one of the sexiest ladies I've ever laid eyes on. Gentleman, don't miss out on her. Seriously."
    Heddin, Feb 2013
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  • "I booked Bianca for 3 hours after hearing some great things. Well worth it as I like to have time to introduce myself and talk a while beforehand. She was very attentive, seemed to know what I wanted without my even asking. Very impressed."
    Kenneth, Mar 2013
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