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About Toorak

Toorak is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is in the Local Government Area of the City of Stonnington. The suburb is located 6 km south east of the CBD, on a rise at a bend in the Yarra River. In popular Australian culture, the name Toorak has been synonymous with wealth. For many years the suburb had a reputation of being the wealthiest locality in the Melbourne and ranks among the most prestigious suburbs in Australia.

Once known for its grand mansions, and being the choice of home for Melbourne's elite, Toorak has been victim to inflated real estate prices, fuelled by the prestige of living at the address. This has, over many decades, resulted in destruction of much of the suburb's heritage.

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Combined with subdivision and over development, this has significantly changed the character of the suburb. As a result, Toorak's status is being increasingly challenged by the more residential suburbs of Brighton and Portsea, both part of the Greater Melbourne area.Tucked in its leafy side streets, however, still can be found many of Australia's largest and most expensive homes.

Toorak is also famous for Melbourne's version of Rodeo Drive, Toorak Village.

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