Feature escort for Templestowe
Age: 26
Height: 5'6"
Hair Colour: Auburn
Eye Colour: Blue / Green
Bust: C
Measurement: 8-10

About Templestowe

Templestowe is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Its Local Government Area is the City of Manningham. Templestowe is associated with the Heidelberg School, and is the location of Westerfolds Park. Templestowe is generally regarded as one of the more affluent suburbs in Melbourne. It has a number of natural attractions, including ample parklands, contrasted with large, modern shopping malls.

Until the 1970s, Templestowe was barely populated. Most children of the time would visit Templestowe every so often for its orchards. Non-expansion into Templestowe can be attributed partly to the fact that it lies exactly in between two of Melbourne's rail services, and partly because it is notoriously hilly for a non-mountain suburb. It has since been built into, and while there is still no rail service, there is a modest bus network offering connections to the city in the west, Box Hill and Blackburn in the south, and Ringwood in the east.

Much of the area was dominated by orchards where apples, peaches, lemons, pears and other stone fruits were grown. As the city spread past Kew and Balwyn the price of land escalated and pressure was brought to bear to change the boundaries of the restricted land subdivision. In the 1980's Templestowe became more and more popular and most areas have been developed.

The geology of Templestowe is striking. Templestowe exists in a region of substantial geological activity.

A number of major roads combine to provide the basis for the infrastructure for the area. They include:

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