Feature escort for Preston
Age: 19
Height: 5'10" (174 cms)
Hair Colour: Long pale blonde
Eye Colour: Green
Weight: 55 kgs
Bust: 34C Cup (Medium)
Measurement: 34-23-34

About Preston

Preston is a residential and industrial suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located 9km north of Melbourne's CBD.

The area where Preston now resides was first surveyed by Robert Hoddle in 1837 for sub-division. In 1850, Robert Wood, a settler from Sussex, England, opened a store at the corner of High Street and Wood Street. The origin of the name "Preston" is believed to have originated from the Sussex town of the same name. In 1857 Wood would also act as a founding member of the Baptist Church. The first church was accompanied by a growing number of hotels and other stores, which had emerged some 2 kilometers south of Wood's store at the junction of Plenty Road and High Street, the latter of which served as a route to Sydney. Throughout the 1880s the area between Wood's Store and the junction would be known as "Gowerville".

1854 saw the establishment of the areas first primary schools, an Anglican and a Wesleyian school. The first state school opened in 1866 to the east of the junction settlement, but was later joined by another, the Tyler Street School which had opened in 1875, north-east of Wood's store. The two denominational schools closed shortly before the Tyler Street School had opened.

During its formative years, Preston was heavily reliant on an abundance of fertile land for farming, dairying and market gardens. Areas that were not productive however, yielded clay for pottery and bricks. The 1860s saw the development of Preston's industrial capacity, with a bacon-curing factory opening in 1862, followed by a tannery in 1865. These original establishments would be followed by several larger factories, including Huttons Hams and Bacons and Zwar's Parkside Tannery.

1889 saw the opening of the first rail line between Collingwood and Whittlesea, passing through Preston. The new line provided stations at Bell Street, Regent Street, Reservoir and centrally in Preston.

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