Dear Lovely Ladies

.....we know we are lucky to work with the very best, classy escorts in Melbourne and Australia. Ladies when you accept work for Paramour of Collins Street, you represent our company and all we stand for. You are expected to behave in a professional, trusting, loyal and honest manner. To treat each and every client like a King.

To be passionate, and to respect the fact that he is inviting you into his home and private space. Every client deserves your discretion and for you to respect his environment and personal property. We will give you great opportunities with good trusted, valued clients who we have known for years! Please show us that you respect our lovely men and that you appreciate and respect Paramour of Collins Street.

How We Treat Our Lovely Ladies

The high standards expected of our top escorts is rewarded with access to entertaining the most elite VIP clientele, both locally and internationally. Our high class escorts enjoy a confidential position with our elite, highly discreet escorts. In operation for twenty years, Paramour has access to a loyal clientele others can only dream of - and our discretion and security is second to none.

Handy Hints

Our clientele expect superb quality every time and we take immense pride in our ability to provide that - an elite escort position is not for everyone. Paramour clients have become accustomed to:

What We Offer

An established and internationally renowned professional escort business in Melbourne for twenty five years, we provide a highly secure, supportive, professional environment in which to introduce approachable, intelligent, fresh face escorts to carefully selected, refined VIP clients. We are always meeting lovely new ladies and are pleased to have them become new additions to our 'family'. We create professional, ultra-elite escorts who will always be the 'top model' anywhere they work. There is nowhere else in the world that can provide the income, security, support and luxury life that we do. With us, you are at the pinnacle of the elite escort industry.

Excellence in our Industry

Our beautiful good hearted ladies find us through word of mouth as we have the long held reputation for being the 'Last Word' in excellence in our Industry and we have well looked after, good clients who know they can find only the top of the range ladies at Paramour. We strictly DO NOT advertise for ladies in accordance with the State Laws of Victoria. Our reputation as the pinnacle for elite escorts means new ladies are calling us daily and we can take the time to find the right lady for the right gentleman, which is why we are so good at what we do!.

Contact Paramour of Collins Street on Telephone: (03) 9654 6011

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