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Hey sweetheart,

The name is Freya, a fresh faced model who will make you remember me for all of the right reasons. I am someone who is quite the seductress, a gorgeous brunette with a toned body that compliments my creamy complexion and slender legs. But I believe that my greatest asset is my eyes which are strikingly beautiful and green that will allude to sultry actions under the sheets.

Many would describe me as having the body of a model, having a statuesque figure with a busty chest that you’ll have the greatest pleasure exploring.

I am also known for finding a man’s pleasure points and will do anything I can to find them at all. I am quite versatile in what I can do for a man so you’ll leave quite pleased with the experience. Whether you’re looking for a subtle yet sensual night or prefer something more dynamite and exciting, I will do anything to make you remember me.

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