Feature escort for Elwood
Age: 25
Height: 5'3" (160 cms)
Hair Colour: Very long true blonde
Eye Colour: Light blue
Weight: 50kgs
Bust: 35B Cup (Natural)
Measurement: 33-21-33

About Elwood

Elwood is a suburb about 8km from Melbourne’s Central Business District. Elwood Beach is a popular bayside beach destination during summer, where the beaches are used recreationally for windsurfing, cycling, cricket and walking. Elwood is also close to Luna Park, a perfect place for a fun date! The suburb has experienced ongoing gentrification, known for its mix of Edwardian and Interwar architecture character, its beaches and its leafy streets, many of which are lined by London Plane trees.

Dandelion and Sails on the Bay are two great restaurants in Elwood, and would be the perfect place for a romantic date and girlfriend experience. When it comes to choosing a place to stay, you are spoiled for choice in Elwood. Espresso Apartments, Cosmopolitan and Barkley Apartments are among the best places to stay. One of our gorgeous girls would love to keep you company and make sure you’re entertained, so call Paramour now!

Elwood (37°53S 144°59E) is a bayside suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Landmarks: Elwood's Beach, Elwood's Canal, Point Ormond of Elwood, Elwood's Village.

Elwood was originally swampland; installation of the Elwood Canal turned it into a habitable area. Originally a working middle class suburb in the early part of the 20th century Elwood has overseen waves of gentrification and is now one of Melbourne's most sought after bayside addresses. Large period houses, many from the 1920s and 30s with art deco touches, along with proximity to beach and foreshore have made the area very attractive.

Elwood Beach is a popular destination of residents during summertime, being a popular hook-up and stopping off point on the beachside bicycle-rollerskating track. During summer it is a favorite amongst many windsurfers, cyclists, and people enjoying a walk by the sea. Elwood's Yacht Club also hosted the 2005 World Formula Titles. Elwood Beach hosts several triathlons each year.

The Elwood Canal was originally designed with a view to being the first of many such canals; the idea being for Elwood to create something of a mini-Venice! This idea was never realised and Elwood Canal was the only canal constructed in the area.

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