Melbourne Escort Madeline Feature escort for Carrum
Age: 18
Height: 5'0"
Hair Colour: Dark Red
Eye Colour: Blue
Bust: A
Size: 6-8

About Carrum

Carrum is a gorgeous beach side suburb in Melbourne south east. Filled with great restaurants and cafes, it’s the perfect place to spend the day with one of our stunning Melbourne escorts.

Some restaurants we recommend are Burgled Burgers (4.3 stars) for some delicious burger concoctions that please all taste buds and Mr Smoke Stack (3.9 stars) for some delicious traditional Italian dishes.

If Cafe’s are more your scene, Carrum has many cosy spots to offer. Some we recommend are Freddies Coffee (4.5 stars) serving some delicious coffee and breakfast foods and Trax 627 Cafe Bar, both with lovely outdoor seating areas so you can enjoy your coffee in the gorgeous sunshine.

Carrum beach is a gorgeous setting for a first date with one of the best outcall escorts of Melbourne on your arm. Watch the sunset from the beach front, then head to one of the local restaurants, as everything is close by to the beach!

After a day full of sunshine and conversation, take one of our ladies who specialise in massage, back to your place for a relaxing session before hitting the bedroom to get between the sheets! Call Paramour now to find out which girls we recommend for massage!

This suburb is absolutely gorgeous and you should most definitely consider booking a hotel in this darling suburb and bring a adventurous redhead escort from Paramour of Collins Street.

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