Customer Reviews - Jade

  • "Thank you for sending me Jade! Do you have any other girls who are adventurous, dirty and open minded just like her?"
    Robert, November 2017
  • "Great night! Thank you for the recommendation!"
    Andrew, September 2017
  • "Thank you so much for sending me Jade she was absolutely stunning! She was so passionate and affectionate and I cannot wait to have her long legs around me again!"
    Tom, July 2017
  • "These two absolutely jaw dropping girls (Jade and Vanessa) made me feel like I was 22 all over again! I will still be smiling about my time with these expert and stunning brunettes when I'm 64!"
    Andrew, July 2017
  • "She was amazing, really intuitive - our minds were blown."
    Jason and AJ, July 2017
  • "Jade was incredible, I had the best time and I adored chilling out with her by the fire. She is beautiful, sensual, intelligent and I can't wait to see her again ASAP."
    Cody, June 2017
  • "Jade was an absolute delight, this has made my whole week! Once again, you have delivered!"
    Sean, June 2017
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