Customer Reviews - Caroline

  • "She blew my mind! I am still in ecstasy as we speak! A new favorite for sure!"
    Jim, October 2017
  • "Imagine a caramel coloured honey slowly stripping for you in a French maid outfit… Sexy Caroline is all legs, and pure sex! She’s toned, elegant and absolutely divine. This French beauty really made the night special with her skills, wit and genuine demeanour. Just a fantastic escort - definitely recommend Caroline!"
    Peter L, September 2014
  • "My wife and I had the pleasure of spending three glorious hours with your beautiful Caroline. Please pass on our thanks to her giving us such a memorable evening!"
    Nathan, August 2014
  • "Caroline's the chance of a lifetime for a guy like me. I'd never even been in the same room as someone as beautiful as her, let alone get to do the things she let me do to her. The whole thing still feels like a dream. Thank you, Caroline and Paramour."
    Noah, June 2013
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