Feature escort for Northcote
Age: 25
Height: 5'5" (163 cms)
Hair Colour: Golden curls - long
Eye Colour: Beautiful brown
Weight: 50 kgs
Bust: 34 B Cup Natural
Measurement: 34-22-34

About Northcote

Northcote is an inner suburb of Melbourne located 6km north-east of the CBD. With a postcode of 3070, the area offers vibrant bars, quirky music venues, and the famous High Street with an atmosphere that will make you want to party all night.

The working-class suburb settled in 1842 and has Victorian gold rush and industrial roots shown through its large and expensive houses throughout the area. It is also home to Victoria’s oldest surviving picture theatre; the Northcote Picture Theatre, which opened in 1912.

Northcote has a great selection of fine dining restaurants for you to take one of our Busty Babe Paramour escorts and have your own GFE service. Selections include the ESP - Estelle Bistro, the Merricote and Camus.

The suburb also offers a collection of peculiar bars and pubs to spend your Friday or Saturday night, or for a cheeky mid-week drink. Places such as the Northcote Social Club, the Wesley Anne, and the Kelvin Bar offer good drinks, good food and Melbournian ambiance.

Other areas of interest for Northcote include its vast selections of nature reserves and gardens, indie galleries, and long shopping strips.

Beautiful hotels near this suburb include The Escape in Brunswick, St. George’s Motor Inn, and Mason Serviced Apartments. This selection gives you the perfect opportunity to spend a night with one of our High Class Exotic Escorts.

We can offer you a divine Melbourne Escort to come to Northcote all for you, just call (03) 9654 6011.

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