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About Collingwood

Collingwood is an inner city suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is in the Local Government Area of the City of Yarra.

Collingwood is located 3km north-east of Melbourne’s central business district. The suburb is most notable for its historical nineteenth century structures and architecture.

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Collingwood is one of the oldest suburbs in Melbourne and is bordered by Smith St, Alexandra Parade, Hoddle St. and Victoria Parade.

The Collingwood Railway Station is actually in neighbouring Abbotsford. The suburb is named after Baron Collingwood, a famous British admiral.

Subdivision and sale of land in Collingwood began in 1838, and was mostly complete by the 1850s. Collingwood was declared a municipality separate from the City of Melbourne on 24 April 1855, the first to follow the state's major population centres of Melbourne and Geelong. Collingwood was proclaimed a town in 1873, and later a city in 1876.

Collingwood's early development was directly impacted by the boom in Melbourne's population and economy during the Victorian gold rush of the 1850s and 1860s. This resulted in the construction of a large number of small dwellings, as well as schools, shops and churches to support this new population. Around the same time, large industrial developments such as a flour mill and the Fosters brewery were being established.

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