Customer Reviews - Venessa

  • "When I opened the door to greet her, I could see a glint in her eyes. Venessa was such a tiger. It came as no big surprise!"
    Robert F, September 2016
  • "I was a little shy at first. I had a fantasy in mind when I called up - and Venessa delivered. She was exciting, beautiful and tantalising. We played for hours and she managed to put me at ease almost instantly."
    Daniel, Mar 2011
  • "Finally an agency that actually sends the girl that I choose from their website. And Venessa was actually the one in the photo on the web. This place is a winner..they made it all too easy AND I got what I wanted..with no fuss, not overpriced and no pretensions, which makes me a very happy Arnie says, Iíll be back!"
    Jason, May 2011
  • "I booked Venessa last weekend and it was awesome. I had the best time ever. I was surprised she was in a sexy dress, but I donít know why, she was hot as. To every guy out there man you have to give them a go ;)"
    Robert, July 2012
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