Customer Reviews - Tina

  • "Tina is fantastic, my absolute favourite to see! Can't wait to book again!
    Brad, January 2019
  • "Tina, wow!! Fantastic, will 100% see her next visit to Melbourne!"
    Sam, October 2018
  • "She is perfect, one of a kind, best girl I've ever seen! Counting down til I can see her again!
    Freddie, October 2018
  • "Paramour really looked after me this evening! I couldn't be happier with their amazing service. The receptionist was spot on with Tina's description and Tina gave an absolutely wonderful service!!! I 'm very happy and delighted customer"
    Tom, March 2018
  • "Tina was pure magic! Please let me know every time she's on as she's one in a million!"
    Ben, February 2018
  • "A couple of hours was too little time to spend with Tina; I booked for the entire night!"
    Lucas, November 2017
  • "Because two hours weren't enough, I booked her for 10 hours. Thank-you Paramour!"
    Thomas, November 2017
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