Customer Reviews - Phoebe

  • "Phoebe was amazing, her service was absolutely incredible. Thank you for sending her to me."
    Jim, September 2018
  • "Phoebe is the best girl ever!!! She was very well mannered and lovely. I will 100% see her again."
    Jason, Aug 2018
  • "Thank you for sending me such a delightful girl! Not only was she a pleasure but she cleaned my bathroom too!"
    Matthew, October 2016
  • "This girl deserves a 5 star rating!"
    Mr Nick H, July 2016
  • "Phoebe's service was exceptional! I will definitely be seeing her again."
    Jim, July 2016
  • "Phoebe was a stunning, gorgeous girl! We connected straight away due to her amazing personality. I miss her already and she just left."
    Colin, May 2016
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