Customer Reviews - Melanie

  • "Best lady I've had ever, thank you!"
    Bill, Aug 2018
  • "Best two hours of my life! She was magic, we had an instant connection!"
    Jonathan, June 2018
  • "Thank you. Melanie is amazing, please let her know we had the most amazing time. We will be back"
    Couple, June 2018
  • "Melanie made me feel so comfortable and she was very easy going. We had a sexy, spiritual encounter together."
    Steven, March 2018
  • I just wanted to thank the lovely receptionists for sending me Melanie! She is absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to see her again, she is so great and so incredibly gorgeous!
    Harry, January 2017
  • "I had such a ball with a Melanie. She is an absolute champion! Thanks so much."
    Victor, January 2017
  • "She is a lot of fun. I really like her."
    Robert, July 2017
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