Customer Reviews - Lily

  • "My time with Lily was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in in my life! She is the best girl I have ever seen."
    Jonathan, October 2017
  • "Lily was very professional and lovely, Paramour always send the best women. We will definitely be booking again."
    Shell and Darren, Feb 2016
  • This lady is in the top three for service in Australia. No joke. I have never experienced something like this before. She's in the sexy and experienced category and I had the six hour special for $800. It was almost too much to handle.

  • I haven't called Paramour before as I live out of town, but I took Lily out for dinner and then back to my hotel when I was in Melbourne for business and I had a good time. Lily blew my mind in the bedroom, and was polite and easy going at dinner. Good time all round.

  • "Over the moon with Lilys service"
    AK, August 2015
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