Customer Reviews - Ginger

  • "Absolutely love Ginger She is amazing and we connected really well! She is beautiful and will definitely book her again! Thank you Paramour x"
    Mr Peter B., Jan 2016
  • "Was so fantastic and can't wait to see her again!"
    Mr Rodd, July 2015
  • "Ginger was extremely fantastic and can't wait to book her again!"
    Mr Smith, July 2015
  • "Thank you for such a welcoming introduction to your service! My compliments for the astute recommendations and promotion introduction to the lovely Ginger. I am grateful for such a fun first time experience!"
    Jules, August 2014
  • "Just rang to say Ginger was "fantastic"."
    Finn, April 2014
  • "Ginger provided an amazing service and it was alot of fun."
    Garry, April 2014
  • "I come true Melbourne every couple of months, and I have been using Paramour's services for years. The receptionist knows that I always like the most high class , and skilled escorts. I got sent Ginger last time, and I must say that she is one hell of a lady. She is a runway model, and is really skilled at giving a good time. We had drinks, dinner, and she really knew her craft when we went back to my hotel. Ginger is one of Paramour's most beautiful escorts, I must say it felt like I was in paradise."
    Rob, Nov 2012
  • "Ginger was the saviour to an evening in for me, the perfect way to spice up a boring night. I'll definitely be calling Paramour the next time I've got time to myself."
    Lucas, June 2013
  • "A short message, just to let you know that I had a good time with Ginger, a very polite, courteous, and most importantly beautiful lady! I must use this opportunity to thank you for letting me see Ginger last night!"
    Vincent, November 2013
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